Wednesday, April 4, 2018

World Premiere Screening of the Documentary Film "Union City, U.S.A."

Please join us at the World Premiere Screening of our Documentary Feature Film "Union City, U.S.A." on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Union City Performing Arts Center, 2500 Kennedy Boulevard, Union City, NJ.  Free Admission.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Maxima Alerta - "Ay Lola"

Happy New Year dear friends!!!  
Here’s the new music video from MAXIMA ALERTA
"Ay Lola"

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lucio Fernandez at Carnegie Hall

Thank you to everyone who came out to our concert at Carnegie Hall.   SOLD OUT house and a standing ovation.  What a great way to end 2017. THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Lindo Arcoiris" performed by Lucio Fernandez

Lucio Fernandez performs "Lindo Arcoiris" from his CD "Enamorado" released in 2010 (available on iTunes). Featuring Nancy Canning. "Lindo Arcoiris" is written by Lucio Fernandez and Jorge Chiquillo, with musical arrangements by Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz and engineered by Luis Güell. The video is produced by MeLu Films and Brandon Medina Productions. Brandon Medina, director; and Megan Fernandez, executive producer. Filmed entirely on location in NYC/NJ. Available on iTunes. (Video release date: July 26, 2016)

Video Production Credits:

Lucio Fernandez
Nancy Canning

a MeLu Films production
in associacion with Brandon Medina Productions
Brandon Medina, Director
Lucio Fernandez, Producer
Megan Fernandez, Executive Producer
Megan Fernandez & Nancy Canning, Choreographers
Liliana Barrera, Line Producer
Brandon Medina, Cinematographer & Editor
Micahel Barrera, Steven Barrera, Albert Muñoz, PA
MeLu Communications Group, Press Representation

"Enamorado" CD Production Credits:

Lucio Fernandez, Executive Producer; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz, Producer; Megan Fernandez, Assistant Executive Producer; Lucio Fernandez, Lyrics; Jorge Chiquillo, Music; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz, Music & Vocal Arrangements; Lucio Fernandez (MeLu Communications Group), Publisher - ASCAP

Music Recorded @ Kaleidoscope Sound and Digital Boulevard Audio; Vocals Recorded @ Digital Boulevard Audio; Sound Engineers: Luis Damian Güell and Sal Mormando; Mixed & Mastered by Luis Damian Güell @ Digital Boulevard Audio

Musicians: Lucio Fernandez (Lead Vocals); Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz (Acoustic and Electric Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Cuban Tres, Minor Percussion, Background Vocals); Pablo Mayor (Piano and Rhodes); Felipe Lamoglia (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone); Tomer Levy (Trumpet); Mauricio Herrera (Drums and Timbales); Pedro Martinez (Percussion).

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bahia de Cochinos, Nuestra Perspectiva

Now available on DVD
“Bahia de Cochinos, Nuestra perspectiva"

“Bahia de Cochinos, Nuestra perspectiva" is a documentary film about the Bay of pigs as told through the eyes of Cuban Exiles who actually participated in the invasion.  Now, many years later, they contemplate the happenings and share their individual satires and feelings with us.  That story comes at a price, a price we ask them if they would be willing to pay again.  When all is said and done, are these past invaders resentful?  Do they cast any blame?  Who lost most in the Bay of Pigs invasion?

Featured in the film is testimony by members of the 2506 Brigade: Ángel Casabona Ruiz, Isidoro López González, Ricardo Montero Duque, Raúl Puig Sánchez, and Alvin Ross Diaz; as well as Sergio Gatria, director of the Cuban Information Center.  Their stories are moving and shed light of the infamous Bay of Pigs Invasion.  The film is bound to create some serious dialogue about what truly lies behind the events leading up to the invasion and the fallout thereafter.  

The film is directed by renowned Cuban director, Ricardo Bacallao and Lucio Fernandez; and produced by MeLu Films and The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.; Megan Fernandez, Executive Producer.

(Please note, this film is completely in Spanish.)

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